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Manual Transmissions

Manual Transmission

Manual transmissions; where did they come from, and how do they work? Alvie's Transmission Service in Jacksonville, FL knows, and now you will too.

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A Short History of The Automatic Transmission

Auto Transmission

Automatic transmissions are the default now - with efficiency approaching or surpassing that of manual transmissions, and automatics with 8 or 10 electronically controlled gears, it’s no surprise they’ve gained so much popularity over the past few decades. But where did it all start? Alvie's Transmission Service in Jacksonville, FL has the answers.

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Electric Cars

Electric Cars

At Alvie's Transmission Service in Jacksonville, FL, we like to provide good, helpful information about caring for and maintaining the transmission in your car, truck, or SUV. Even still, here’s an unrelated but interesting article about the history of electric cars.

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Why Do Transmissions Break?


Transmissions break. You know they do, and you definitely know when it happens, but why do they do it? Here’s some insight from Alvie's Transmission Service in Jacksonville, FL.

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9/10 Doctors Recommend…


Unlike the human body, cars, trucks, and SUVs have gotten more complicated over time - especially transmissions. Much like a people doctor, it’s important that your transmission doctor is keeping up with the times and knows what he’s doing. At Alvie's Transmission Service in Jacksonville, FL, we’ve got just the technicians you’ve been looking for.

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