Bud, you have my business for now on

Clint Parker
Customer Review
From the start, he didn't do any work for me, We just talked over the phone. I didn't have time to wait, but I wish I did. I am a contractor for over 20 years now and deal with Subs, Suppliers, etc,etc. Point to make is my BS Detector is tuned in. This man will have my business for now on. Period. He knew I didn't have time to wait for him to repair, BUT spent 20-30 mins with me on the phone to explain to me what was possibly wrong with my transmission. And my problem is still under my warranty from another transmission company. Bud, you have my business for now on. Thank you sir.


This is a clutch gone completely WRONG and something you want to be very sure doesn't happen with your vehicle!  VERY SURE! 

So how do you ensure you are not having an issue with your clutch when most drivers simply get in and drive?  What do you look for?  That is a question many of our customers ask us here at Alvie's Transmission in Jacksonville and one this driver did not.

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